Lili Maliner
Coldwell Banker Realty

During calendar year 2015 the Austin region was considered a healthy real estate market. Based on the status of the market we made a decision to purchase a new home and sell our home in Round Rock, TX. In March 2015 we signed a contract with Drees Homes to construct a home in Leander, TX. In April 2015 using another broker our Round Rock home was placed for sale. After being on the market for over twelve months our home did not sell, and during that time period home showing average perhaps one per month. Also during that twelve month period we closed on our new home, but we had a serious problems in the form of carrying costs on two homes. We needed someone to eliminate that burden.
Highly recommended through a mutual acquaintance Lili Maliner was introduce to us in the spring of 2016. The first trait we notice was Lili’s honesty and integrity through her initial assessment of the price we should list our home. We did not like that assessment, but over the coming weeks it proved to be good medicine. Traffic and interest in our home increased. The second trait that I found invaluable was Lili’s willingness to be assessable at all times. I could call Lili on the way to work at 7AM or 7PM to discuss and issues pertaining to marketing effort on our home. That stated I also believe she was secretly providing mental therapy. The third trait we noticed was Lili’s unique ability to be strategic. In August 2016 the ultimate buyers our home provided an offer on our home we could not accept, and initially walked away. A week later Lili presented tenants willing to lease our home, thus providing an opportunity to offset carrying costs until the home could be sold. Lili maintained constant contact with the ultimate buyers, and a few weeks later they accepted our original counter-offer. Of course the
buyers were disappointed that the home had been leased, but Lili was able to keep the buyers interested covering a six months lease term. Three interested parties were involved in these transactions, and each party had a house to sell and another they wanted to purchase (a very complex set of circumstances that Lili managed superbly). During the lease term Lili helped to secure contractors for the final push to prep the home for closing, which included floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and painting.
The real estate services employed to lease and sell our home were exemplary, and Lili proved to be the right person for the job! I’m not planning to move for a while, but when I do I really hope Lili is around to assist us again. Furthermore, we are willing to recommend Lili to our friends and associates. She is an excellent agent!
Alvin Hall & Tracey Hall